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About Bob!

Bob Roberts was born on December 23, 1947 in Rowland, NC. Bob grew up on a farm, and he loved watching his mother prepare the mid day meal for the family. Sometimes she allowed him to prepare the meals on his own. He lived in NC until he moved to New Haven, CT before moving back to finish high school in 1966. He moved to Perth Amboy, NJ after high school. His first job was at a chemical company, and he later worked as an iron welder until he decided to join the army. He did basic training at Fort Dix in 1968 and completed his advanced training in Fort Gordon, GA. Bob fought for our country in the Vietnam War for 361 days. He was discharged from the army 1970 and lived in Jersey for a while. He began working for a restaurant that had great sauce, but it was a little too sweet in his opinion. He then started experimenting and creating different types of BBQ sauces. He realized he loved cooking more as an adult than he did as a kid. He met his wife Linda Roberts — Mrs. Bobbee O– in Perth Amboy, NJ at the State Room Lounge. Bob explains that in addition to her amazing personality, looks, and endless qualities, her cooking was definitely a deal sealer in him realizing that Linda was the one for him. She would bring him fantastic lunches while he worked as iron worker, and they later married in 1981 in Anaheim, CA while they were living in Huntington Beach. They then lived in San Jose, CA over the next few years. The family moved to Raleigh for one year, and Bob worked at a BBQ restaurant. He thought the pork was good, but the ground up and minced nature of the meat made the BBQ too fine, and he thought the sauce had too much vinegar. He launched his new mission of trying to perfect his own style of BBQ pulled pork. He then moved out to Fulton, CA because his children loved it and he wanted to them to finish high school there. While in California, Bob perfected his BBQ pulled pork first and later his sauce by 1986. Bob and Linda moved to Charlotte, NC in 1989. Bob was the manager for Taco Bell in California and later Charlotte until 1992 when he decided to leave the fast food industry and work in a more full service styled environment. He was the manager of Long Star for 2 years, and Rob Lobster for 1 year. He realized he didn’t like the slow pace of  a full service restaurant, so he went back to the quick pace of fast food, working as the manager for KFC until 2008 when he retired. When Bob retired, he realized his dream of owning a restaurant was still possible. He opened up Bobbee O’s BBQ in 2008; his wife Linda came up with the name. People loved his food from day 1, but his later mentions in Parade magazine and other publications in 2012 and 2013 finally helped put Bobbee O’s on the map for its amazing BBQ. His sons Walter, Dorell, and Michael currently live in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, West Hollywood, CA, and Greensboro, NC.